Indonesia has a variety of tribes and customs that vary in each region. Besides that, traditional cuisine in Indonesia is also famous for being delicious. One of the most popular is rendang cuisine from West Sumatra. In 2017 CNN Go’s named rendang as the most delicious food ranked 1. But did you know that there are delicious Javanese dishes that are loved by foreign tourists.

Javanese Cuisine
Chicken satay is a popular menu from Indonesia. Source Unsplash

We recommend some Javanese dishes below for those of you who are traveling to Yogyakarta. We recommend these dishes for various reasons. One of them is that the cuisine is favored by foreign tourists.

1. Gado-gado

The dishes that contain vegetables and peanut sauce seasoning turned out to be liked by foreign tourists. Some tourists who like this vegetarian cuisine, among others, come from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden. Sweet and slightly spicy peanut sauce is what foreign tourists like.

Besides gado-gado, other foods with peanut sauce that are liked by foreign tourists are karedok and pecel. Preferred peanut sauces are usually made manually, i.e. peanuts are crushed manually not using crushers such as blenders and so on.

There are also those who add mashed boiled potatoes to gado gado sauce. Boiled potatoes are cooked together with peanut sauce then topped with fried onions. A little fried chips or crackers. Gado-gado can be eaten just like a salad with peanut sauce, but can also be eaten with white rice or sometimes also served with rice cake. All depends on the taste of each and every place that is different variants of gado-gado can be different.

2. Satay

Dishes that are processed by roasting process do taste good. You will find this version of the Indonesian kebab in various places in Indonesia. The sweet taste also seems to be the reason why foreign tourists like satay. International dishes such as satay include yakitori from Japan, shish kebab from Turkey, shashlik from Caucasian, chuanr from China, and sosatie from South Africa.

Chicken satay is a popular menu from Madura. This menu is a menu that has been chosen by many foreign tourists. The presence of peanut sauce or seasonings in these foods is preferred by foreign tourists. Satay also has many variants of meat, ranging from chicken, beef, and also goat. In fact, in some areas of Java there are also variants of rabbit meat satay or even snails. Apart from soy sauce and beans, the satay menu is usually accompanied by pickles from sliced ​​shallots, cucumbers, and cayenne pepper. Satay is eaten with warm rice or served with rice cake or diamond.

In addition to rendang typical of West Sumatra, satay is listed as ranked 14th in the 50 Most Delicious Dishes in the World through a reader poll held by CNN Go in 2011. Satay with sweet and slightly spicy flavors is a favorite choice.

3. Gudeg

Yogyakarta specialty food is also sought after by foreign tourists while on vacation to Indonesia. Warm is a processed food made from jackfruit cooked with sugar and coconut milk. The presence of sugar and coconut milk makes warm and sweet and savory taste.

It takes several hours to process this dish. Gudeg brown color is produced from teak leaves which are cooked together with other ingredients. Warm cooked with rice and served with thick coconut milk or areh, chicken, eggs, tempeh, tofu and krecek fried chili sauce.

Yogyakarta’s special food is also known by foreign tourists. Many European and Australian tourists like this food. Because many foreign tourists like it, this dish is now packaged in cans that can be sent abroad to meet market demand.

4. Tempeh

Foods made from soybeans turned out to be popular among foreign tourists. This food has been around since ancient times. Tempe is favored by foreign communities such as Japan, Korea and China. They like the unique taste of tempeh and this food can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes.

Tempeh can also just be fried by adding a mixture of salt and onions. The taste is quite tasty and can be crispy if cut thinly before frying. Many vegetarians around the world have used tempeh instead of meat. As a result, tempe is not only produced in Indonesia but also in many places in the world.

5. Bakso

Balkso are meatball that is popular throughout Indonesia. But some say bakso are meatball soup. Throughout Indonesia, there are many bakso variants, but all of them include three main ingredients namely broth, noodles, and round ground beef.

Javanese Cuisine
Tempeh. Source Unsplash

What distinguishes baksos with other similar dishes is the chewy texture of the rounded ground beef. Although bkaso are known as street food, bakso can be found anywhere from low-class restaurants to fancy restaurants. Complement is also added, usually dumplings, boiled eggs, or tofu.

Those are some Javanese cuisine that are liked by foreign tourists. If you plan to visit Yogyakarta, then don’t miss the delicious Javanese cuisine. You can buy it in various places in Yogyakarta at affordable prices. For more details, you can contact the Yogyakarta Tours travel service provider. You can consult about your tour, destination and also dishes that you want to enjoy when traveling.