Traveling can be a routine agenda in a family. In family life, it is not uncommon for you to hold tour or picnic activities together. It could also be with all family that is your family and added uncles, aunts, grandfathers and so on. With so many family members included, it certainly adds to the exciting atmosphere and also the more enjoyable tour.

If the tour was followed by all family with a number of dozens of family members it would be impossible to use a private car. And it would be too much money to rent a bus. Then below we will review some tips for traveling for families

Tips for Traveling to Yogyakarta
Tamansari Water Castle. Source Instagram @laujules

Tips for Traveling to Yogyakarta with Family

1. Plan in detail

For families of tourists who come from abroad for the convenience of getting a car in a timely manner can order online at the car rental before you land at the airport in Yogyakarta.

You can be picked up immediately when you arrive at the airport by ordering a car in advance. And after that the pickup will immediately deliver to the destination according to the agreement or order.

We recommend ordering online as detailed as possible. So it is recommended to order in a travel package that is a tour package consisting of car rental, tourist destinations, places to eat and lodging.

That is the function of planning. So that there is no term that is too late or late. Therefore, if it is necessary to make a kind of small committee that is entrusted with the responsibility to take care of certain affairs then it would be better to make a committee.

2. Determine your vehicle

The car you are renting should be a minibus or a jumbo sized fan. For an entire family of a dozen people renting an MPV car is not possible. Rent a large vehicle. No need to be fancy, the most important thing is the car that is rented is in good condition and there is a functioning air conditioner

You can use car rental services including tour guide services, to get a rental car and also a tour guide is not difficult. You can entrust your choice Yogyakarta travel agent.

To find a tour guide is also not difficult. Many local residents of Yogyakarta can speak English and this can help you when traveling to Yogyakarta.

2. Choose a destination that is suitable for families

Tourist destinations in Yogyakarta very much. Look for tourist attractions that are suitable for families in Jogjakarta. Can go to historical tours by visiting Keraton Jogja the palace of Yogyakarta. Or visit the beach at the southern end of the city of Yogyakarta. It could also just take a walk in downtown Yogyakarta. You can do everything after you arrive in Yogyakarta.

We recommend that before visiting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, tourist destinations that will be visited should be discussed first. Because the possibility of each family member is different. Because there are many people who do not like the hot coastal weather so he does not like to the beach or will be allergic if exposed to cold weather so as to avoid cold areas.

3. Save the documentation of your travel memories

Traveling with family, including grandmothers, uncles or aunts, is very rarely done. So with this agenda that is rarely implemented, you can use the best moments appropriately. In the tourist attractions that you visit, you can capture those beautiful moments by taking family photos.

Tips for Traveling to Yogyakarta
Save the documentation of your moment. Source Unsplash

So prepare carefully and bring everything that is needed in this special moment. You can prepare a camera, and enough spare battery. Besides this togetherness event can actually be combined with other events. You can celebrate a wedding anniversary, birth anniversary and so on while on vacation to Yogyakarta. So that the tourism activities carried out can be more meaningful.

That’s tips for traveling to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta tourism which combines natural beauty, population friendliness and cultural diversity makes anyone who visits will be impressed. Do not miss the review of other interesting travel destinations namely Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta.