Kalibiru National Park is a beautiful natural scenery spot in Yogyakarta province. Visiting this province in Indonesia will give you a lot of experience. It is known for its cultural heritage, traditional arts and variety of local foods. So, besides traveling, you can also learn about its culture, foods and popular gamelan music as one of its popular arts.

Yogyakarta is one of many holiday destinations beside Bali, Jakarta, Lombok and many other places in Indonesia. Some people know that Jogja is the base of the most popular temples in the world, Borobudur. If you’re going to visit this place for the first time, you’ll need some information. There are so many fascinating sites that you will also enjoy.

If you need information, there are several local agents who will give you advice on how to visit the scenic spots you want. Another option is to rent a car. Some car rental agencies will provide a private English speaking driver who will also guide your trip in Yogyakarta. If you need information on how enchanting Kalibiru National Park is, you can contact Yogyakarta Tours, one of the experienced travel agents in Yogyakarta that we recommend.

Kalibiru National Park. Source Agoda

Kalibiru National Park

Kalibiru National Park is a spot of a beautiful nature scenery of Menoreh hills. Menoreh hills is a mountain at the west border of Yogyakarta. So you can imagine how green and pure the scenery from Kalibiru National Park. Besides the scenery, you can also enjoy many activities in the spot.

The place becomes popular since 2013 and has been visited by many local since then. It will be busy and crowded during weekends and holidays. Even if the place becomes popular in 2013, The Park was first opened in 2008 by a local community. The visitors post their picture on social media and its becomes viral. Now, the place is known as one of instagrammable spots in Yogyakarta.

If you like outdoor activities, you might love this place. There is a one rope bridge, rappelling and climbing arena and also flying fox. The most favorite activity in this area is tracking. The path, from the bottom hills up to the top, ranging from 1.5 kilometers up to 7 kilometers. At the top, you’ll see a stunning scenery of West Yogyakarta especially Kulon Progo.

This area includes another tourism site such as Sermo Reservoir and Kedung Pedut Waterfall. So, you can manage to visit these three sites in one day with further discussion with your driver. Or, you can stay in any hotel and lodge nearby. So you can travel all the sites in longer time. This area is comfortable and quiet as it outside and far away crowd of the city.

Sunset Spot of Kalibiru

There is a tree, which is built (what we call) an installation spot on it. This installation spot is for taking pictures from height. Up to the top of the tree, there is a hanging board which is high enough to see a sunset. You have to wear safety kit and guided by the officer and then climb on the hanging ladder to the top to reach the hanging board. There is limited time for a person to take pictures on this installation spot while another visitors wait in line.

On this installation spot, on the west part of the sky you’ll see a stunning sunset color. The landscape of the forest become obscure as the sky red. There is a small lake that will glitter as the sunset light reach the water. It depends on the point of view and the weather. This installation spot will be closed before night time for safety.

The Best Time to Visit

On the rainy season, the tree spot will mostly be closed for safety reasons. If you don’t like queues and crowds, avoid to visit this place during weekends and holidays. The park will be closed between 4 to 5 p.m. depends on the weather. So, the best time to visit this place is on monday to friday early in the morning.

Location and How to Get There

Kalibiru National Park is in the village of Kalibiru, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Province. If you are visiting Yogyakarta for the first time, you have to look at the map or hire a guide tour. Because most of the local can’t speak english. The local will tell you if you ask, but it’s hard to understand because it’s local language.

Relax enjoying the day in Kalibiru. Source unsplash

To get to the National Park, you have to rent a car or by public transportation such as bus and train. If you get there by rental car with english speaking driver then you will have good to go. If you get there by bus, you will have to start from Giwangan bus station to Wates Bus Station. then, you have to take ojek (local motorcycle transportation) to Kalibiru. Another option is by train. Start from Tugu Railway Station to Wates Railway Station, then ojek to Kalibiru. If you are around Malioboro Street, to reach the Tugu Railway Station you just need to walk north and you will find it immediately.