Visiting Yogyakarta seems incomplete without buying souvenirs in this historic city. Lots of various local products that you can get at low prices. One of the unique products is Kotagede jewelery which is popular in Yogyakarta. You can find various types of jewelry, especially those made from silver.

Yogyakarta, which is known as the city of students, and also the city of tourism, makes Kotagede jewelry a pride and is also bought for souvenirs. These souvenirs are certainly liked by tourists, especially women. You can get these jewelery in the form of costumes. Therefore, don’t miss your visit to this small town while on vacation in Yogyakarta.

Kotagede Jewelery
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Kotagede History

Kotagede is located in the southeast of Yogyakarta city. Kotagede in the past was the center of the Islamic Mataram sultanate. Some of the classic buildings in this area are still preserved until now, one of which is the mosque which is in the center of the Kotagede settlement.

The silver industry in Kotagede began in the 16th century. The silver industry in Kotagede was initiated by the nobility from the Yogyakarta Palace. During the reign of Panembahan Senopati, he ordered to make silver handicrafts for the sultanate’s household items.

Then the art of carving and forging silver was passed down from generation to generation. The Keraton nobility has an important role in teaching this art to the public. The Keraton nobility used to provide special training to palace employees to make silver handicrafts.

Starting from this training, the silver handicraft industry has developed which has become a source of income for the community. Currently Kotagede is developing into the only area that produces silver handicrafts and becomes a shopping tourist destination in Yogyakarta.

Prices for Kotagede Jewelery

When you decide to buy this handmade product, you can choose according to the price you want or the shape you like. For silver jewelry and crafts, the price ranges from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

They also provide authentic silver jewelry starting from two million rupiah to three hundred million rupiah. All these prices depend on the complexity of the time of manufacture. For types of crafts that have more complex shapes the price will be more expensive, because the production process takes a long time and requires precision.

Made Traditionally

Various jewelery, especially those made from silver, are done using manual or handmade labor. Therefore, the details of a craft will look beautiful. You can buy jewelry that is already available or you can also order the shape you want.

The added value of this business is that customers can see first hand the process of making silver jewelry at their workshop. There are tour packages that provide visit services to silver jewelry production centers in Kotagede. Like traditional batik, hand-made products have a high artistic value.

Cultural Heritage Area

Kotagede is a densely populated area in Yogyakarta because it has long been the capital of the Mataram sultanate. You will find many narrow streets, where there are traditional silver shops and old houses belonging to the mosaics of old mansions and merchants of the past.

Visiting the Kotagede tourist area will provide a different experience for tourists. Along the way, you will find various ancient buildings with unique architectural styles. There are buildings in the style of Dutch architecture, Javanese traditional, to Hindu Mataram that are still preserved and preserved until now.

The long history in Kotagede leaves historical relics that can be seen today. Exploring this area will be more exciting if done on foot. Walk along narrow streets and alleys, and visit every corner of the city which is filled with ancient buildings that have high historical and artistic value.

Legacy of the Mataram Sultanate

One of the legacies of the Islamic Mataram sultanate is the tomb complex of the Islamic Mataram kings which is located 100 meters south of Kotagede Market. This tomb is surrounded by a large wall which is very sturdy. Even though it is a Muslim tomb, this tomb has a gate with a typical Hindu architectural design.

Kotagede Jewelery
Relics of the past in Kotagede. Source :

There are three gates, each of which is equipped with thick wooden doors decorated with beautiful carvings. To enter this tomb, you are required to wear traditional Javanese clothes that can be rented around the tomb. You are also prohibited from taking pictures and are prohibited from wearing jewelry made of gold while in the tomb. In this cemetery there are graves of Panembahan Senopati, Ki Gede Penggahan, and Sultan Hadiwijaya.

Kotagede Grand Mosque which has an ancient architecture is located in the Mataram Kings Tomb complex. This mosque is believed to be the oldest mosque in Yogyakarta. Apart from being used as a place of worship, this mosque is a legacy from the Islamic Mataram Kingdom which has historical value.

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