Nglanggeran Volcano is one of a kind tourism destination in Nglanggeran Yogyakarta. It has so many sites that is enjoyable, interesting back story, cultural uniqueness and most stunning landscape. You may find an interesting adventure experience on this inactive volcano. There are so many outdoor activities that will satisfy your soul and physical.

There are more than one natural hills site in Yogyakarta that has been visited by local and even international visitors to enjoy. Bukit Bintang, Kalibiru National Park, Becici, Panguk Kediwung and other but nothing like Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano site. This volcano, after ten million years, become one of the tourism village that has more than one sites to visit.

From time to time, there are so many local and tourists has visited the place. By the local authority, the place is developed so that can be comfortable to enjoy. This development brings it to be an international tourism village destination standard as it received ASEAN Community Based Tourism in 2017. So what will we find attractive in this village?

Nglanggeran Yogyakarta
Rocks that are volcanoes in the past. Source IG @gunungapipurba

The History

Science based history of this place is it’s an ancient volcano of Java Island which is ten million years of age. Then the local folklore is explaining how is it to be called Nglanggeran. Because this name is actually unusual. So there has to be a context of this name that will leave our curiosity behind.

Nglanggeran means violate, or violation to be exact. So there is the story behind it. Once, on the harvest season, it’s traditional for local to celebrate it by organizing local puppet show called wayang. Then, the local made a mistake by carelessly broke the puppet. So the conductor of the show which is believed to be great by the tradition condemn the local. He exiled the perpetrators in to an exile village named Nglanggeran.

The Nglanggeran Peak

The main site of the village is the volcano peak. To reach the peak, visitors have to climb some of rock hills which is safe to climb without any safety kit. Although it’s still recommended to wear the safety outdoor gear. Another is the trekking track, which is quite challenging to trek. There are some facilities like ropes, ground stairs with wood railing and several rest spot. It’s challenging physically but enjoyable as there are beautiful scenery around the track.

Nglanggeran Pond

Nglanggeran Pond which is called Embung Nglanggeran is a pond which is another tourism spot in the village. Once, there was a little hill which is not higher than the Nglanggeran peak sat between the village. One day, the local needs water supply for their daily needs which is enough to supply the entire village. So that they decide to build the pond by cutting out the peak of the little hills.

Out of concern, the pond is beautify the surrounding area. It becomes attractive at sunrise and sunset times. It then developed by local authority to be one of the stunning spots in the area. Even from height viewpoint the pond looks incredible surrounded by forest greenery. Many visitors came to take a picture and rest to feel the fresh air.

Kampung Pitu

There is one site that is unique as other sites in the ancient volcano. Its known as Kampung Pitu or Village of Seven in english. The unique part is that there has to be seven families that live and it can’t be more or less. The local believe that somehow, when it becomes more than seven families, there will be something bad happen. So, if one of the descendants have to be married, they have to leave the village and live in other places.

Kedung Kandang Waterfall

This waterfall is another attractive site of the entire ancient volcano village of Nglanggeran. In the middle of rice fields, which is deep (almost hidden) into the local settlements, there is multi level waterfall. This attractive sites arguably rare to find in another place in the world. The fall would be magnified at the day when it was raining the night before.

Interesting Activity

Beside the spots, there are some activities that tourists can enjoy in the village. The purpose of the tourism village is to introduce local products and traditions. The signature product of the village is chocolate. The tradition is based on javanese culture which is more specific to the village traditions such as Unggah-Ungguh (manners), Karawitan which is a set of javanese musical instrument and some of the ritual depends on the moment.

Nglanggeran Yogyakarta
Danau buatan di nglanggeran. Source IG @gunungapipurba

Getting There

The Village is located more or less 27 km from Yogyakarta city. To get there, you can’t use local transportation is it unavailable. So the only option is by renting a car. There are some rental car services that can provide english speaking driver, which is more convenient for foreign tourists. One of the tour package providers, namely Yogyakarta tours, provides a driver who is able to speak English. If you have to drive by yourself, you can use google maps and have to ask local because the map doesn’t provide any location and information specifically.