Yogyakarta as a cultural city has a variety of cultural destinations that are close to the culture of the Kraton Yogyakarta. But Yogyakarta tourism on the theme of agriculture is also progressing and developing in various places. By relying on distinctive agricultural products, offering beautiful landscapes and the process of farming in agricultural tourism in Yogyakarta is able to compete with other tourism sectors.

Farmers in Yogyakarta

Maybe you don’t know that farmers in Yogyakarta are not successful farmers in their agriculture. On average, they only have a small agricultural land and sometimes the agricultural land is not in a strategic location so that it is difficult to get water. This condition is really happening and the farmers survive with other jobs when there is free time.

Some of the farmers survive by raising animals like cows, buffaloes, ducks, chickens or goats. Others spend their time working as construction workers. It is ironic when a community known as an agrarian society does not have sufficient agricultural land.

you can see the mist rolling in like a wave in Mangunan. Source Unsplash

The Rise of Agricultural Tourism

Some of the farmers who have more advanced thoughts develop agricultural tourism businesses. By making agricultural tourism they will still work in their fields and get additional income from the tourists who come. This creative idea is quite effective and makes the younger generation of farmers confident in working on their farmland. Below are several tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

1. Salak Garden in Turi

This fiber-rich fruit is known in Indonesia in two places, namely in Yogyakarta and Bali. Zalacca that contains a little water has a distinctive taste. In Turi, Sleman many residents cultivate Pondoh salak. Pondoh Salak is sweeter than usual Salak. The salak fields are still widely available here.

Because of the vast fields, productive young farmers and busy tourists to Yogyakarta provide a great opportunity for the opening of salak pondoh agricultural tourism. They provide salak land for various outbound activities, learning to grow crops and various activities related to agriculture.

Water sources in this area are also well preserved and never dry out. So besides farming they also develop fisheries. Among tourists who often visit this place are tourists from school. Students from schools who visit here get an assignment from their teacher for research and writing.

2. Nglinggo Tea Field

Tea field. Source Unsplash

Nglinggo is the only tea garden in Yogyakarta. This tourist destination is in the hills with cool air. Yogyakarta in the lowlands will be hot, while in Nglinggo it feels cool. Because the air in Nglinggo is cool many cyclists are heading to this place to exercise and enjoy the green natural scenery.

This place is known as a favorite place for cyclists. Because many of his photos are circulating on social media, this place is increasingly well-known. Not only cyclists who come to this place, but many of them use cars and motorbikes. And when the manager of this tourist destination provides lodging that can be rented by tourists to spend the night here.

In the morning this tea plantation will be foggy and present a beautiful view of the sun slowly emerging from the eastern horizon. Accompanied by the chirping of birds and shrouded in thin mist you can enjoy the morning in this place with your family. The expanse of green tea plants like a carpet of heaven stretched out on earth will bring a romantic atmosphere. You can travel with family in this beautiful tourist destination.

3. Fruit Garden Mangunan

In addition to Nglinggo you can see the beautiful fog in the Fruit Park Mangunan in the morning. If the Nglinggo tea field is located in the westernmost part of Yogyakarta, the Mangunan fruit park is at the eastern end of Yogyakarta. Precisely in the thousand mountains that stretch in Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Taman Buah Mangunan presents a variety of fruits typical of tropical countries. There are mangoes, rambutans, papayas, bananas and so on. You can eat the fruit in this garden as you like but you have to eat there and you can’t take it home.

Beautiful scenery will be seen in the morning. At the end of the park is a cliff and from that gorge you can see the mist rolling in like a wave in the ocean. You can watch this download moment if it’s not raining. Prepare your camera and take the most beautiful picture.

4. Green rice paddies in Sukorame

Not far from Taman Buah Mangunan there is a very beautiful tourist location. It’s called Sukorame rice field. This rice field will be beautiful if the rice is still green. Therefore to come to this place must be at the right time. You will see the green expanse of rice plants. Even more interesting is the existence of a bridge made of bamboo which divides the vast rice fields.

Agricultural Tourism in Yogyakarta
bamboo bridge has become viral in Sukarame. Source Unsplash

This bamboo bridge has become viral on social media. By walking on the bamboo bridge you seem to be crossing a sea of ​​beautiful green plants. This beautiful view will look good when viewed from above. So if you have a drone, it’s better to take pictures through the drone’s camera.

That is Yogyakarta tourism with increasingly advanced agricultural themes. With the existence of such tourist destinations, farmers can be helped by the presence of tourists. Farmers in the area around the tourist destination do not need to go to the city to work as construction workers. They can sell food and drinks, work as a parking attendant or peddle souvenirs at these tourist sites.