Yogyakarta has a beautiful beaches. Because the southern side of the city of Yogyakarta is in the form of the ocean of Indonesia. Although tourism in the Yogyakarta Palace or Keraton Jogja and other places in Yogyakarta is developing tourist attractions in the southern part of Yogyakarta in the form of the coast are also crowded with tourists.

All tourist destinations in Yogyakarta will be crowded and full of visitors every weekend. Prambanan Temple which is located on the border between Yogyakarta and Central Java is also crowded. Moreover, the beaches in Yogyakarta which are mostly located in the limestone rock area of Gunungkidul will be crowded with visitors every Saturday and Sunday.

Below we will review several beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul which are crowded with tourists visiting every weekend.

Baron Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Gunungkidul
Baron Beach. Source Instagram @kejogjakarta

Baron Beach is one of the beaches used as tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that has a unique and different from other beaches. On the Baron Coast there is an underground river current which is fresh water. The river flows into the sea so that if you enter the water you will find saltwater from the sea and fresh water from underground rivers.

The bay is small and the activity of fishermen selling fish is a beach attraction. You can rent a boat to get around in the bay. Or you can also see the view of the vast ocean from the top of the tower built on the beach. On the left side there is also a hill that can be climbed to reach its peak must pay a sum of money. At the top of the hill you can also enjoy a wider range of views.

The name of this beach comes from the name of a folklore that has a character named Baron Skeber. In the folklore it is told that Baron Skeber came from the Netherlands and lives in Indonesia precisely in the Pati area, Central Java. He came from the Netherlands with the aim of controlling the kingdom of Mataram. However, his efforts failed after his fight with Panembahan Senopati lost. Another version says Baron Skeber is of Spanish nationality and travels to Indonesia in search of spices.

Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal beach. Source Instagram @pantai.jogja

If you want a beautiful, quiet place, you should visit Pok Tunggal beach. This beach is not too crowded and has soft sand and is really clean. Waves that are not too high with an elongated coastline are very convenient as a destination for you and your family.

This hidden paradise is between the hills of Gunungkidul limestone. It will look like a sandy beach surrounded by beautiful limestone rocks. The best photography spots are here. With sand and a backdrop of towering coral walls is great for photography spots.

For those of you who have a hobby of rock climbing, you can head for your adrenaline here. Can go up the cliff or down. Those who want to try this sport must have courage. If you have a hobby of snorkeling or diving, you can also do it at this beach.

Access to this beach tour has not been managed well. To go to this beautiful beach you have to use a vehicle with good conditions. The road that must be traversed is very rough and rocky. We advise you to never take a trip to this beach at night. There is no lighting along the road to the beach at night.

Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach. Source Instagram @jogjajateng

This beach has the name of the beach Pulang Syawal before. But on this beach there is a restaurant called Indrayanti with a big sign and clearly legible. So people prefer to call it Indrayanti Beach. And until now this beach is popularly known as Indrayanti Beach.

Tourist arrivals at this beach will increase every weekend. You can visit this beach besides holidays or weekends if you want comfort and are not disturbed by the crowds of beach visitors. Swimming at the beach is very pleasant but sometimes there is a large group of jellyfish that swim near the beach so visitors must be vigilant with these invertebrates.

In the afternoon the view will be more beautiful because there is a view of the ocean and sky that is golden or reddish due to the setting sun. The atmosphere will be romantic in the afternoon. You can order a coconut drink while enjoying the sun which begins to fade and sink in the western horizon.

Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach. Source Instagram @sonydirgantara

This Yogyakarta tourism is very exotic. Nglambor Beach offers exotic underwater views. With a variety of fish and marine animals typical of the tropical islands will make a memorable vacation at Nglambor Beach. This beautiful beach is a destination for tourists who have a hobby of snorkeling. You can bring your own snorkeling equipment or you can also rent a snorkeling equipment rental there.

This beach is like a small lagoon that holds beautiful underwater scenery. There are two large rocks in front of the beach so that it prevents the waves from the sea so that the waves on the beach are calm. The water where you snorkel is very clear so you can see the marine life and coral reefs clearly.

Those are some of the beaches in Gunungkidul. Tourist attractions in Gunungkidul really beautiful and very suitable for those of you who traveling to Yogyakarta with family. Hopefully this article is useful for you.