Pottery handicraft has been sources of income of Kasongan Tourism Village in Yogyakarta. This village is historical on how they began the pottery handicraft at first as its tradition and local product. Now, this place has become a tourist destination in Yogyakarta. With many traditional local products, Village has been a choice to visit as tourists destination in Yogyakarta.

One of the uniqueness of Yogyakarta is that there are so many cultural traditions and products based on each village. For example, Giriloyo Village is one of the villages that has “batik” as it own traditional product, Manding Village has it own leather handicraft as local product, Nglinggo has tea as it own local product and then there is Kasongan Village.

In the Village, Tourists or Visitors will be able to experience any traditional and culture of the locals. Sometimes, there is a tour service that includes short introduction class about the local tradition and culture on their holiday package service. If it is unavailable, asking the local, interviewing them and observation would be a good activity.

An Elderly Craftsman, source : jogtrav_transport Instagram
An Elderly Pottery Craftsman, source : jogtrav_transport Instagram

The History

The pottery history of Kasongan Tourism Village is not begin at old ancient age. It is around colonial period in Yogyakarta. In This area of southern part Yogyakarta, once found a dead horse in the middle of rice fields. The locals realized that no one would be the owner of the horse except the Dutch detective of the colonial army. Being afraid of punishment,  the local gave up the land and moved to another village.

After awhile, no one claimed the land, then the land is possessed by another Village’s local. This locals then turn the large amount of land into the source of pottery handicraft material. At first, the products are childrens toys and kitchen furniture. Then this tradition is preserved through generations until now, being one of the pottery handicraft production villages and tourist village destination in Yogyakarta.

Since 1971-1972, this area began to develop. Sapto Hudoyo, a major Yogyakarta artist along with his community contribute on the development work. The local pottery handicraft products has been produce artistically without any commercial touch. The development has been helping them to produce artistic value and economic value into their product.

Pottery Product Showroom, source : amalia_k_w Instagram
Pottery Product Showroom, source : amalia_k_w Instagram

Now, there are some ceramic or pottery handicraft galleries to be visited. On holiday or in certain moment, the spot will crowd with visitors. The gallery usually is a family business that is worked collectively and inherited through generations. Even if the family can hire any worker from anywhere, the tradition is preserved by the family by responsibly selecting the material and monitoring the process by themselves.

This Village’s Product generally consist of jars, souvenirs, frames, wall hangings, furniture, traditional mask, and etc. The variation based on the material has been developed to be more varies such banana leaves and bamboo material. This products has been commercialized and exported to foreign countries such as Europe and America.

Tourist Activity

Kasongan Tourism Village has been used to be an educational tourism area instead of just visiting area for sightseeing the pottery products. So that the tourists can experience the basic pottery handicraft production traditionally. There is a cultural motifs touch on the product which is attractive to be learnt mainly for the foreign tourists that has different cultures.

The short course of pottery handicraft production is usually about how the craft to be done manually. Because this is the simplest thing to learn. It would not spend too much time and suitable for student especially young age student. The real process which are consisted by kneading, shaping, drying and burning before finally being finished using wall paint or roof-tile paint will take 2 to 4 days.

Pottery Craft, source : ekokwnol Instagram
Pottery Craft, source : ekokwnol Instagram

Location and how to get there

This place is precisely located in the Kajen hamlet, Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan sub-district, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region, about 6 km from Yogyakarta North Square to the south. This area became known as the artistic production of furniture and handicraft since there is Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta. Many of the graduates choose to be an entrepreneur in art production like furniture and handicraft which have their own studio around this region.

It is best to rent a car or taxi so you will find the exact spot of the handicraft showroom. Using google map will direct you to the village not the showroom. So, if you get there by yourself using map direction, you have to ask people around the area. You can hire ojek online, which is driven by local who will know the place or will help you to find the place.

So this is the information about Kasongan Tourist Village. Hope you enjoy the information and use it for a little reference on visiting the place in Yogyakarta Tours Agenda. If you have an update information, suggestions and questions don’t hesitate to put a comment below.