For those of you who have just visited Yogyakarta, the place that must have been visited first is the downtown area of Yogyakarta, Malioboro Street. On Malioboro Street there are Yogyakarta city landmarks such as the ancient Vredeburg Fort building, the Beringharjo traditional market and several other buildings. Because of its location in the city center, you will easily recognize it.

Malioboro Street location is very strategic. The road that runs from north to south lies north of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat palace or Keraton Yogyakarta. North of Malioboro Street is Mangkubumi Street and now its name has changed to Margo Utomo Street. South of Malioboro Street is Jenderal A Yani Street and now the name of the street is known as Margo Mulyo Street.

Malioboro Street
Traditional Vehicle, Andong. Source Unsplash

Between White Paal Monument, Jalan Malioboro and the Yogyakarta Palace are in an imaginary line. White Paal Monument or Tugu Yogyakarta, which is located at the northern end of Jalan Margo Utomo, is one of Yogykarta’s landmarks.

White Paal Monument

This monument is a relic of the past that still stands. This building was originally quite large in size and has a different shape from the current building. Previously, this pillar shaped cylindrical pole with rounded tip like a ball. In Javanese it is called Tugu Golong Gilig. Golong means cylindrical and Gilig means solid ball.

However, due to a large earthquake that occurred hundreds of years ago, the Golong Gilig monument building was damaged and collapsed. Then the building was rebuilt and has the form it is now. The monument that used to have a height of up to 20 meters is currently only built around a dozen meters. The construction of the monument with a different form because of the intervention of the Dutch East Indies government.

Beringharjo Traditional Market

This market is located in the Malioboro Street section. If you want batik at a low price, you can look for it in this market. This market is a traditional market but has permanent buildings that are quite good and modern. Various goods and food are sold in this market at affordable prices.

In addition to batik, you can get souvenirs here such as key hangings, handicraft items, pottery and other items that can be used as souvenirs. So you don’t need to go to Kasongan Tourism Village to buy pottery. If you do not speak Javanese or Indonesian, you can hire a tour guide who will accompany you to shop at this market.

Beringharjo market is open from morning to evening. Traders who come to this market are not only from the city of Yogyakarta. Many traders from the village sell their wares in this market. That’s why if you visit this market there will be many elderly women who are still passionate about offering their wares.

Vredeburg Fort

The Giyanti Agreement on February 13, 1755, which was the initiation of the Dutch Indian colonial government, was able to reduce the feud between Susuhunan Pakubuwono III and Prince Mangkubumi, so it was decided that the Mataram kingdom should be split into two. And Prince Mangkubumi got the share of Yogyakarta which was built by a separate kingdom.

Because the rapid growth of the Yogyakarta kingdom made the Dutch East Indies government worried. So they asked the Sultan’s permission to build a fort near the Yogyakarta Kingdom. After being approved by the Sultan, the Dutch East Indies government built the Vredeburg fort. The fortress actually has a function to oversee all activities carried out by the Yogyakarta kingdom.

At present the Vredeburg fort which holds such historical stories is turned into a museum. The Vredeburg Fort Museum currently holds items from the Dutch colonial era. There is also a diorama of the struggle of the Yogyakarta people to fight against the Dutch invaders. In addition, various weapons during past warfare such as cannons are also stored in the Fort Vredeburg museum. Yogyakarta tourism is indeed diverse. Apart from nature tourism and cultural tourism there is also historical tourism.

The atmosphere of Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street is one of the convenient tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. You can shop for various souvenirs that are priced at the storefront. Malioboro Street is also convenient for pedestrians. A wide sidewalk, garden chairs arranged neatly with artistic shapes and some ancient buildings typical of urban past make you remember this. On certain days this road is free of motorized vehicles. Car free day held in this area is used by the people around Malioboro to exercise and do various activities.

Nighttime Beauty

Malioboro area will look more beautiful and romantic at night. Illuminated by park lights and acoustic music of street buskers you will enjoy a more beautiful night in Malioboro. A variety of culinary open at night and you can find various specialties of Yogyakarta such as gudeg Yogyakarta.

Malioboro Street
Sign of Malioboro Street. Source Unsplash

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