The beauty of Parangtritis beach in Yogyakarta is interesting to discuss besides the beautiful beach in Gunungkidul. This Province in Indonesia has a lot of stunning beaches as it place on the south coast of Java Island. Although the most popular beach is in Bali, Yogyakarta has its own recognition over many beautiful south coast beaches like Timang, Indrayanti, Siung, etc. Parangtritis Beach is the most favorite place among tourists then any other south coast beaches of Yogyakarta.

As a tourism city, the development of Yogyakarta tourism is very good. Yogyakarta has provided proper facilities for tourists to enjoy many sites in the city as well as the region. The beach is actually far away from the city, but the transportation, tourism service, guides tour service and other facilities will make it possible to enjoy the place. This has been going over the years since the local government develop the region to be convenient for tourism activity.

Aside from tourism site, Parangtritis beach is believed to be one of the Javanese Sacred Place in the region. This is another attractiveness for any people interested in Indonesian Local Folklore. For anyone who wishes to visit this beautiful beach of Yogyakarta, here is some summarize information about the story, description, location and how to get to the place.

Parangtritis Beach at dusk. Source Unsplash

The Beauty of Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is an exotic black sand beach with blue ocean and located in horizontal line of south coastal Java Island. Everyone who has visited Yogyakarta will identify the beach as this is always be the first suggestion for nautical tourism site in the region. The beach is natural as it came from the eruption of ancient mountain.

The beach is a mystical, historic, enchanting beach in Yogyakarta. The Legendary Nyai Roro Kidul (also known as the queen of south coast beach by local folklore) is said to be related to the beach closely. So for anyone who wants to visit the place is warned to not wear green clothes. As the local said, the wearer will entice to drown into the ocean.

Instead of scared by the local folklore, with respect to the local, tourists can enjoy the beautiful place. On holidays or during the weekend this place is packed and crowd. So, if you expect the place to be more enjoyable, you have to choose between monday to friday.

There are several activities that can be done such as walking along the beach, riding horse carriage, conquering sand dune with All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), watching the sunset or just having a good time with the fresh air. This place is enjoyable especially for the outdoor lover. Around the area, you can find the cave, the hill and another beautiful beach. Also, this area is often used as the aerosport arena such as paragliding and aeromodelling.


The Beach is located between the border of Bantul Regency and Gunung Kidul Regency. Its 27  km from the city, or 45 minutes by car depend on the traffic. So the exact address is in the Village of Parangtritis, Depok, Bantul Regency, Province of Yogyakarta. The area is easily accessible by public transportation so you don’t have to worry about finding the site. Even more, you can just follow the map route to find the place if you have private transportation.

How to get there?

You can take the bus from giwangan station to Parangtritis Beach. It will take 45 minutes – 60 minutes as how public bus operate and the traffic. The other option is by rental car. You can rent a car and hire english speaking driver whom usually provided by the rental service. The most convenient way to get there is by bus or if you have a local friend, you’ll get there free.

Things to do

There are many things that you can enjoy at the beach. Here are some suggestions for you :

1. Surfing

There is Dolphin Parangtritis Surf Community. This is a local surfing community that you can share the experience. The community will give you any information if want to rent surfboards or taking short surfing course. The wave known to be powerful but attractive among the local surfer.

2. Watching Sunset

Another activity that every visitor usually enjoy is the sunset. The atmosphere is known to be romantic as many visitors said. You can also enjoy the beach until night as there are many food sellers around. If you don’t feel like want to leave the beach soon, you can find many affordable price inns and motels around the beach.

3. Riding a Bendi (local horse carriage)

Ride the Bendi at the beach of Parang Tritis. Source Unsplash

Bendi is a traditional horse carriage which is provided by local for tourists to hire for only a little price. The Bendi will take you around the beach line from the west to the east edge. You can spot many interesting points for example captivating coral reef on the east edge of the beach.

4. Riding on ATV

If you are into more challenging activity especially with speed, try riding on ATV. this vehicle is very compatible with the sand surface of the beach. You can rent the ATV on the local service provided.

That is one of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, namely Parangtritis Beach. Yogyakarta tourism is increasingly advanced with the existence of new tourist destinations in each district. If you visit Yogyakarta besides visiting Parangtritis beach, don’t forget to visit other tourist destinations.