Yogyakarta is a city with a variety of tourist attractions in it. There are historical tours or educational tours for school students, or family tours for travelers who bring family and also beautiful nature tours.

The number of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that are famous to reach abroad because of the internet and social networks that participate in distributing travel content. In addition, the development of the internet gave rise to various tourism industries that had never been thought of in the minds of the developers.

Kraton Yogyakarta
Kraton Yogyakarta

Tourism Business Is a Good Business in the Future

It is not always a person who is busy with his work at the computer will be entertained by the game that is on his computer or gadget. Sometimes they are bored with all that and want to film an outside atmosphere that has never been enjoyed. And they start visiting tourist attractions, natural beauty, or other games that are outdoors.

In Yogyakarta you can easily enjoy the outdoor atmosphere that can refresh your mind after being busy working by enjoying the beautiful scenery. The river used as tourist attractions, hills, lakes, forests and what is in nature can be packaged properly as tourist attractions and recreation areas. And that’s why the tour business is actually a good future business.

Supporting factors for the progress of tourism business in Yogyakarta

There are several factors that make Yogyakarta have a variety of tourist destinations and tourist destinations are always crowded with visitors.

Extensive internet network

At present the internet network has reached rural communities. So they do not miss information. With the internet the entire community can access information from wherever it comes from. We can imagine the beauty of Jomblang cave by reading website articles that discuss about Jomblang cave.

And most of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta are introduced through internet media, namely through social networks or websites. The tourist destination manager can describe and explain the beauty of the tourist attractions it offers through internet media. So that visitors already know some or all of the information about tourist attractions such as admission prices, facilities, games offered and so on before they visit.

Digital lifestyle

Community life is increasingly changing. These changes have a significant impact on various fields of life. With the change to the digital era, it has changed the information system. Information systems that were once only built with analog systems are now made digital.

Therefore business developers develop their business by following technological developments. Product information, tourist destination information and various other information now packaged in digital form. Either through written media, video, infographics and other media. Previously someone can only see the structure of the Prambanan temple through pictures and writings and now we can see through video and three-dimensional display.

Tourist services can be found easily through the application on our smart phones. With travel applications that we can download on the service, all the information needed will be obtained. Like information about travel, tour packages, lodging and culinary offered.

Search engine optimization

Some tourist attractions developers use search engine optimization media. By simply typing ‘penyedia jasa SEO Jogja‘ you will find hundreds of search engine optimization service providers in Yogyakarta. With the help of website developers in various tourist destinations in Jogja many visitors. The information they get certainly comes from optimized websites. Developers who do this method are usually private developers. They have to compete with a bigger developer, the government.

By using the right keywords, website performance and structure that is reliable and attractive, the developers of tourism sites are able to attract more visitors. The advantage of using this method is that they can capture consumers with a clear market share. Visitors who come to the tourist destinations offered really get what they want.

The Development of Yogyakarta Tourism

Online based transportation

Online-based transportation services are very important in the mobility of urban communities in Yogyakarta. They use these online transportation services when going to work, go to school and also to tourist attractions. Yogyakarta tourism is greatly helped by the existence of online transportation services. Visitors who are constrained by transportation can use online transportation services.