Yogyakarta is a beautiful city. The beautiful beach in Gunungkidul is one of the tourist attractions that visit Yogyakarta. Some natural tourist destinations also have an important influence in the development of Yogyakarta tourism.

In addition to forests, beaches and other tourist destinations, unique buildings in Yogyakarta are also tourist destinations. The buildings visited are usually of interest to tourists because they have a unique shape and are suitable for photography. Here are some buildings with unique designs in Yogyakarta.

1. Sayidan Gothic Church

There is a unique building in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta that is popular as a photography spot. This building is famous by the name of the Sayidan Gothic Church. Actually this building is a private house built to resemble a European style castle building and there are towers whose tops are crossed like a church. That’s why this building is popularly called the Gothic Church.

Unique Building in Yogyakarta
Sayidan Gothic Church in evening. Source instagram @ayatuur

The owner of this unique building is a fabric entrepreneur who built a European-style house in 1980. before the building was built the owner died. Then those who occupy the building with a size large enough to live children and his wife. Year after year, after the wife of the cloth businessman died, her children did not want to occupy the magnificent building.

Since then this building has been left empty and unoccupied. Although the building is no longer in use but sometimes there is activity in the building. The building was once used for making music video clips by singer Ari Lasso. In addition, several prewedding photo sessions were also held in the old building.

2. Dome House

In 2006 in Yogyakarta there was a great earthquake that destroyed Yogyakarta and its surroundings such as Klaten and Solo. The quake with a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter Scale and had a center point on the ground killed about 6000 people. Since then the building in Yogyakarta began to pay attention to the feasibility of the building structure.

One of the post earthquake buildings built with earthquake resistant structures is the dome in the south of Prambanan Temple. This house is in the form of a dome made of strong concrete. If you have ever watched a television series called Teletubbies like the Teletubbies house, that is the dome made.

Unique Building in Yogyakarta
Dome House in Yoyakarta. Source instagram @rumahdomes

In 2006 Nglepen, a small village in the hilly region of the earthquake occurred. Most of the houses in the small village where the majority of the population are farmers collapsed in the ground affected by liquefaction. Liquefaction is a natural process of natural events such as earthquakes that cause the land does not have the power and strength to accommodate the buildings on it. The ground is soft and submerges something heavy on it, the building.

The house with this unique shape is a help from an NGO from the United States namely the Dome of the World and the funds come from a Saudi Arabian donor. In total there are 71 dome-shaped buildings in the village. Residents who get help from the dome house cannot occupy the land occupied previously because it is prone to disasters.

3. Paris House

Paris house is a building with European housing style in general. This house is located on the road to Parangtritis beach and away from the city crowd. Its location which is on the edge of the road is easy to be accessed while on the right and left of the building is still like rice fields so it is suitable for finding a calm atmosphere.

Unique Building in Yogyakarta
Paris house with the vintage style. Source instagram @rumahparis

This house can be rented out for the whole building or just the bedroom to stay. This Paris house is a guest house that has a unique shaped building and is different from other buildings in Yogyakarta. That’s why the Paris House is often used as a place for photography, selfies and also prewedding photography.

This vintage-style house actually resembles a Barbie house with striking colors and chapel-like shapes. With a variety of interior knick knacks in European style makes the atmosphere of this house like your own home. If you are interested in visiting, you can contact the manager of the Paris House two weeks in advance because this Paris House is usually fully booked every day.

4. Jogja Kembali Monument

Yogyakarta is a historical city so many museums were built in this city. One of the museums in Yogyakarta that has a unique shape is the Jogja Kembali Monument Museum. The more precise monument is the museum was built with a conical shape resembling ‘caping’. Caping is a traditional hat made from woven rattan and is usually used as a head protector from sunburn by farmers in Indonesia.

Unique Building in Yogyakarta
Jogja Kembali Monument. Source @jogjaku

The location of the monument is not far from downtown Yogyakarta. It takes about 20 minutes by car to get there if you depart from Malioboro Street. This tourist destination is perfect for a vacation with family. If you are on traveling to Yogyakarta with your family, don’t forget to visit this tourist destination.

On the inside of the building there will be a diorama of the struggle of the people of Yogyakarta in its battle against the Netherlands invander. On certain days this tourist destination is crowded with student tourists from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. They usually get an assignment from the school to visit this museum. On the outer court there is a nice lantern park visited at night.

Yogyakarta tourism is progressing with the newly established tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Although new tourism destinations have sprung up in Yogyakarta, but for photography spots several buildings with unique designs in Yogyakarta that have been reviewed remain the choice of some tourists who visit Yogyakarta.