Cheap car rental is one alternative that can be used for tourism in Yogyakarta. Car rental has become a very easy tourist facility. Using car rental services, tourists can be more comfortable and easier to visit tourist attractions in Yogyakarta without having to search for information on their own.

In addition, Yogyakarta is also known as an area that has affordable price options for a variety of goods and services. Therefore, it is only natural that Yogyakarta is one of the most prominent tourist areas in Indonesia. For the price of a tourist car rental, you don’t need to worry. Service providers do provide alternatives including cheap car rental fees.

Cheap Car Rental
Choose a vehicle that is comfortable when driving. Source Unsplash

Tips on getting a cheap car rental in Yogyakarta

For tourists from outside Yogyakarta, utilizing a tourist car rental service does provide its own benefits. One of the benefits that can be obtained for example, no need to bother looking for tourist location information by own self.

In addition, tourist car rentals also offer packages such as shuttles. Because of course, tourists who are not familiar with the Yogyakarta area will be confused about the direction and route if it is their first visit. Well, for tourists who plan to travel with low cost, here are some tips for using cheap car rental services in Yogyakarta.

1. Compare rental prices

To be able to get low prices or below the budget, various rental price references from various car rental providers are needed. By comparing in terms of price and facilities you will certainly be able to get a car rental as expected.

However, once again do not be easily tempted by offers too cheap car rental prices because there is a possibility that there may be something wrong for the rental fleet. More and more car rental providers, prospective tenants must be selective to make their choices.

2. Make a reservation

Setting up a vacation it’s good not to be done suddenly. Especially when it comes to the matter of car rental, it is necessary to go far in advance to book a car rental to avoid the price game. Another thing to consider is when and how long to rent a car. It is a good idea to reconfirm the price to the lessee and the conditions that need to be obeyed while renting a car.

3. Choose the type of car

We recommend that before renting a car consider anyone who will go on vacation. the greater the type of car used, the greater the cost. Therefore a mature choice is needed so that it is not wasteful in spending money. In addition, the cost of a car rental also depends on the length of rental. So it is very important to determine the tourist attractions and estimated vacation time.

4. Choose a tour package

The provider provides travel package deals. Usually, with a tour package, the costs incurred are already included so that you can get a complete car rental with a tour package that has been prepared at a more affordable price compared to just issuing a separate car rental fee that does not include a tour package.

Car rental service option

Car rental services have a choice of services to choose from. So consumers can determine the type of service according to their individual needs. This is one thing that can be done to reduce service costs. Here are some types of services that are usually found in car rental services.

1. Daily rentals

This service is a type of service that is calculated from the rental per day or hourly. Usually it starts 12 hours, up to 24 hours. In this daily rental service is used to visit family or just take a vacation. This service can use a driver or not.

Therefore in this service you will be notified of fuel costs, toll tariffs, rental prices if it exceeds the agreed limit, and driver fees. Therefore, choose the car and the right type of service to travel comfortably.

2. Weekly and monthly rentals

This service is usually the most widely used during long holidays or Eid to return home. This service also has 2 types of services, namely with a driver or not. It depends on the tenant himself. Then the rental car will be checked periodically by the rental service to repair the damage that is inside. Rental is usually intended for companies who want to rent a car.

3. Shuttle service

The purpose of the shuttle rental itself is the service needed to pick up or take guests to various destinations. For example, if guests want to go to the airport or want to go home from the airport, they can use rental services with the type of shuttle service. It can also be used to take clients to the hotel or for business activities out of town.

Cheap Car Rental
MPV type vehicles become popular vehicles in the rental. Source Unsplash

4. Long term service

In this type of service, a car will be rented from 6 months to reach three years. Usually this service is used by a company to be used in the operational activities of the business. And in this type of car is used not for personal matters but rather emphasizes the affairs of the office.

For example in the case of employee pickup or when delivering goods to other companies or to the factory. And to check if there is damage it will be done as when you rent a car on a monthly basis. In order to get a reasonable price when renting a vehicle in Yogyakarta, you can contact Yogyakarta tours that provide rental vehicles including drivers at affordable prices.