Tourist attractions located in the same direction in Yogyakarta are often the information needed by tourists. Because many tourists who come from outside the Yogyakarta area want to visit many tourist sites of Yogyakarta but have limited time.

Tourist attractions in this unidirectional location in Yogyakarta have their own uniqueness. With the existence of tourist facilities that accommodate tourist transportation, tourists can visit many tourist sites in a short time.

The key is the location that is close together and in the same direction. Here are some unidirectional tourism objects in the Yogyakarta area that can be visited in a limited time at once:

1. Yogyakarta Monument

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Yogyakarta Monument is a tourist attractions which is the landmark of Yogyakarta City. Here there are monuments that are distinctive architectural style of the past and the buildings around it are also European style. Here there is also the main train station in Yogyakarta, Tugu Station. In the monuments and buildings around it, tourists usually take pictures, stay in hotels in the vicinity, enjoy culinary spots and other activities.

2. Malioboro

Malioboro is the name of a street in the center of Yogyakarta City which is full of the uniqueness and cultural appeal of Jogja. There are also some old buildings, but the most interesting is the shopping location in the pedestrian area.

In addition there are also shopping center buildings and shops, the tourists also continue to bargain on the shanties in the pedestrian area selling unique items typical of Yogyakarta.

Around the court and pedestrian or Malioboro pedestrian area there are also many culinary places that are also typical especially at night and other things that are suitable for souvenirs. The tourists here do shopping activities and take pictures in many unique spots in the Malioboro Street area.

3. Beringharjo Market

Beringharjo Market is the most typical and traditional shopping center spot in Yogyakarta and the oldest. Everything related to the special characteristics of Yogyakarta is sold here such as batik, blangkon, clothes and pants, accessories and others. This market is always crowded with visitors and is open from morning to evening.

4. Fort Vredeburg

Fort Vredeburg which has now become a museum is a witness of the history of Indonesia’s struggle against Dutch colonialism. The fort was originally founded as a watchdog for the activities of the Yogyakarta palace within only one cannon bullet.

With its historic presence, this fortress building is also unique in the style of typical European or Dutch buildings and in its museum there is a diorama which tells the struggle of Indonesia against Dutch colonialism.

5. Lor Square

Alun-alun Lor or Alun-alun Utara is the northernmost palace building which is the center of cultural events in Yogyakarta. On normal days, Alun-alun Lor is used for playing and relaxing. But the atmosphere is unique, because it is surrounded by palace buildings that are two large banyan trees that are characteristic of the Yogyakarta Palace Square.

6. Kauman Gedhe Mosque

West of Alun-alun Lor, there is the historic Kauman Gedhe Mosque which is the center of the religious activities of the Yogyakarta Palace as the government of the Islamic empire. The building is also distinctive and is often the location of celebrations or grand exhibitions in Yogyakarta.

Taman Sari, source : @yuliusadie
Taman Sari, source : @yuliusadie

7. Taman Sari

Taman Sari is the location of the Sultan’s baths along with the empress in the past. Taman Sari is a pond that is distinctively shaped and certainly beautiful. Around it there are also building segments that are no less beautiful and many are used as photo locations by the visitors. Taman Sari is always crowded, especially on holidays.

8. South Square (Alun-alun Kidul)

Alun-alun Kidul is a square located on the border of the southern part of the palace. Kidul Square is suitable as a place to stay overnight because besides its distinctive shape and not much different from Lor Square, at night this place is transformed into a vehicle for many games and culinary.

This place is always crowded and is not recommended for just passing by using a vehicle because of its density. This place is enjoyed by parking vehicles outside the square area and walking to enjoy many games that can be rented at affordable prices.

Visiting tips

All these tourist attractions are indeed interesting to visit. But not all of them can be visited at any time. Because there are places that open in the morning and close in the afternoon or evening. There are also places that can be visited at any time whether morning, noon to night. There are places that are more suitable to be enjoyed at night.

Beringharjo Market, for example, is an active market in the morning. During the day the crowds of this market peak and the afternoon is quiet because many shops are closed. While Malioboro itself is more suitable to be visited in the afternoon until the evening.

For the South Square, it is more suitable to visit at night. Because from evening to night this place began to be filled with various attractions and beautiful twinkling lights. So tourists prefer to visit this place from afternoon to night.

Besides that the time of his visit was limited to Taman Sari. Namely from noon to the afternoon. For Yogyakarta Monument, Kauman Mosque, Alun-alun lor and other places can be visited at any time. Hopefully this information can help you!