Before we get to the tips, we should know that vacation is should be one of the ways for releasing stress. It gets you away from your problem, your work, your daily environment that potentially causing stress. So, traveling should be the answer for everyone to wish a peaceful mind for awhile, so that they can continue to work on the challenge that might happening in their life.

Just planning where you will go to travel and what will you do when you get there, can take your mind off a lot of unhealthy issues. Imagine how vacation will affect your life after it has done. So, go plans your travel and do it immediately. But, it must be perfect for releasing stress, not to cause other stresses.

How good is vacation by traveling for our health?

Vacation by traveling has been proven to do goods for productivity and health for employees. It can help when it consists :

Stressful, source :
Stressful, source :
  1. Enjoying sunshine and fresh air. Sunshine can help elevate mood and ward off depression for people. Meanwhile, fresh air increases oxygen and gives us more energy.
  2. Forget routine activity. Take your freedom while enjoying the traveling for vacation time. Don’t think about your daily stressful work, sleep in, don’t bother to take any phone call that might disturb your vacation.
  3. Do the thing you will enjoy the most while traveling. Spend time, take any satisfy activity that makes you enjoy your time while on traveling for vacation. The activity will decrease any tension so that you can relax and refresh your mind.

The result of such activity will help you to :

  1. Improve performance at work. Good performance of work needs high level motivation. If you are tired and bored, there will be nothing to motivate you enough except taking some time off to vacation or traveling.
  2. Improve sleep. After taking vacation time or traveling, we must be tired. But it is different from tired of stress after work. This vacation tired will make you sleep well and wake up in the morning with fresh mind and ready to continue your life.
  3. Improve heart health. Some studies revealed that people who never take any vacation time will likely to get heart disease or dying from heart attack. Everyone don’t want this. Take a vacation for some time between our time period of work so that will improve our health!

Vacation Tips

To help you plan your vacation or traveling to, we’ve gathered some travel tips so that you can get benefit from your vacation especially for releasing stress.

1. Avoid feeling guilty to take a vacation

There are some reasons to feel guilty before taking a vacation. For example, thinking too much of what will you leave behind. There are people, works, things, and etc. that you will leave for awhile when taking a vacation. Prepare them so that you will leave for a vacation for releasing stress with an easy mind that they will be alright. Because vacation should be the time when you leave your stress behind and not cause any stress later.

Vacation, source :
Vacation, source :

2. Choose your vacation destination

There are many vacation places but not every place is suitable for your purpose. Every people have their own reason on taking a vacation. If you are taking a vacation for your own reason, you should get the benefit of it.

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If you want to release stress, your destination should be any place that is natural, quiet, comfortable, supportive. But there is no such a perfect place. It must be the place that can give us some of the category. The rest of it is how can we manage our mind to leave the stress away. 

3. Travel with people that will make you happy

There is a happiness for making everyone happy. So, take anyone that can give you a chance to make them happy and you will get it too. Sometimes, lonely will increase the stress. You have to talk to someone that can make you feel easy for your stressful thing. You can take your children, parents or loved one whom you can share your happiness with while on vacation.

4. Don’t spend too much

You don’t have to lose anything to this stress release vacation. But of course, there will be some money that you have to spend. You can manage the amount that you will spend to worth it to this vacation. 

5. Take care of your body

There is no point to take a vacation if you are sick. Also, there will be no point to take a vacation if you will be sick after. So, prepare your health so you will get healthy after the vacation. Check your condition before your vacation and take or bring some vitamins for the safety.

Too many of us ignore vacation activity even though it will improve our life. After this information, we hope that you will consider your life especially your health more than before. Release your stress and get more fun.