Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monjali) is one of the tourism spots that can provide tourists with an education about the history of Indonesia. Besides that, around the historical museum place there are entertainment and attractive spots to visit. Although actually the museum is the main spot.

Yogyakarta is indeed one of the famous historical areas in Indonesia. Especially the historical period of independence. Many events or traces of the independence period can still be seen around Yogyakarta. Likewise, some historical heritages are also stored in museums located in Yogyakarta.

Although its main place is a museum, Monjali is also interesting to be a tourist place. There is a variety of entertainment and attractions that can be enjoyed here. During times of leisure such as the end of the year, this place is always crowded. Check out the following information.

The Historical Monument

Monjali is a pride that every Indonesian needs to remember. Because this monument symbolizes the return of Yogyakarta after being controlled by the Dutch into Indonesian hands. In addition, this historic place also marks the moment where Yogyakarta was once the center of Indonesian government.

The event of the withdrawal of Dutch troops from Yogyakarta occurred on June 29, 1949. This was the moment where Yogyakarta was released and reunited with Indonesia which later became the center of government at that time. Accompanied by the release of Ir. Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta from a refuge place on July 6, 1949.

This historic museum is a museum that can describe various historical events that occurred at that time. This museum is a target for tourists to spoil their eyes to see a variety of goods, dioramas and other things that can describe historical events that occurred at that time.

Monjali, source : jogjaseni
Monjali, source : @jogjaseni

The shape of the museum building is conical like a mountain-shaped building. The shape of the mountain in the museum which was inaugurated on June 29, 1985 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Sri Paduka Pakualam VIII means fertility as a green and fertile mountain.

As one of a unique and Instagrammable building shape in Yogyakarta, the Monjali Museum consists of 3 floors that contain everything related to history. One floor contains all the goods and equipment of the historical independence period. The other floor contains dioramas and a place to commemorate the services of the country’s heroes.

The location of the museum is also unique, which is on a path referred to by locals as the Cosmic Macro Center. This pathway means the great axis of life because it covers the most strategic locations in Yogyakarta starting from Parangtritis Beach, Panggung Krapyak, Yogyakarta Palace, Tugu Jogja and Mount Merapi. This path stretches from north to south of Yogyakarta.

How to get there

The Monjali Museum is located at North Ringroads Street, Jongkang, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This location is north of the Nol km, center of the City of Yogyakarta. So that the journey to the location from the Nol km is taken towards the north.

The location is right north of the Ringroad lane. But the route from the city of Yogyakarta which is the Nol km to the north is not straight. Sometimes it has to rotate to smooth the vehicle flow. So from the Nol km heading to westward, which is to Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan, then northward.

Monjali, souce : zonagrafi_jogja
Monjali, souce : zonagrafi_jogja

The journey continues to meet Jalan Yogyakarta-Magelang until the ringroads intersection. At this intersection the location of the Monjali Museum can be easily found. The shape of the building is unique and can be seen clearly.

To go to the location, visitors can choose any options of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and tourist buses. In addition there are also Transjogja local city bus lines. The trip was taken for approximately 30 minutes with a distance of 7.7 km.

The Monjali Museum and the Museum area are very adequate for being a tourist location. Moreover, there are already playing arenas and photo spots around this location. Some of the facilities found here include the Auditorium Building, Children’s Playground, Cafeteria, Parking Area.

Price Information

Typically, the Monjali Museum is packed with visitors who come in groups. But even so, this location was also visited by other visitors. Each visitor will be charged an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR. For visitors with groups of 30 or more can get a discount. For groups of kindergarten and orphanage children can get discounts up to 50% entrance fee per person.

While the rest is the costs needed to park the vehicle according to the type of vehicle used. For two-wheeled vehicles a fee of 2,000 IDR while for other larger vehicles ranging from 5,000 IDR and above.

That is all the information from one of the educational tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. In addition to being educative, here is also a place of entertainment that can be enjoyed with family.