Sri Gethuk waterfall is an alternative choice among all the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Usually, Gunung Kidul is famous for its various exotic beach such as Indrayanti Beach, Siung Beach, Kukup Beach and other beaches. However, Sri Gethuk waterfall was one of tourist attractions that can not be missed.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall

At a glance, the Sri Gethuk waterfall sounds normal because what is portrayed is a waterfall in general. But if you see the tour object directly, this waterfall is on the edge of a river cliff that is quite long and wide. So to be right at the source of the waterfall, visitors need to walk along the river along approximately 700 meters.

Another interesting thing is the name “Sri Gethuk” itself. This name is completely unrelated to the typical Yogyakarta local food that is “Gethuk” which is pretty popular. This name is related to local myth. They believe once upon a time there is an event that has happened at this location so that the name “Gethuk” is said.

It is said that around the Sri Gethuk Gunung Kidul waterfall, they heard the knock sound of gamelan which is known as “Gethuk”. When the source is searched, this sound is no longer heard. Here the local residents have their own beliefs, namely about unseen creatures in the form of genie who inhabit waterfalls.

The locals call this genie Anggo Meduro. They are sure this genie likes Javanese music which is characterized by using gamelan as one of its instruments. From here the locals name this tourist attraction as Sri Gethuk.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : sasisaskia
Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : @sasisaskia

With this uniqueness, of course the visitors have their own views. Apart from this myth, being able to enjoy the Sri Gethuk Wonosari waterfall attraction is certainly an experience that can be remembered. The following information related to location, facilities, ticket prices and useful advice for you.

How To Get There

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Mungguran II, Bleberan, Playen, Gunung Kidul Regency. This waterfall is in the middle of the forest, but access can be reached. Even visitors can use their vehicles including tour buses to reach the location of this waterfall.

The route that can be taken if you start the journey from the city of Jogja is heading east to meet the ring road to Ketandan. From here head south on Jalan Wonosari towards Gunung Kidul Regency.

While heading towards Gunung Kidul Regency, when you get to Pathuk go straight until you find the T-junction of Gading after the Air Force Air Force Base, then you take the direction to the right of the destination Playen.

From Playen take the right direction towards Palihan sub-district. Along this route, you will find a T-junction and get directions to the location of the Sri Gethuk Wonosari waterfall. If you find it difficult or hesitant to find the location, you can hire tourist package service, Yogyakarta Tours.

Visitor Facility

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is a tourist attraction that is very suitable for recreation. With tourism facilities that are fairly complete and experience of managing these attractions, visitors can comfortably enjoy this one tourist attraction. The facilities available here include :

1. Water Activity Equipment

For those of you who want to enjoy Sri Gethuk waterfall, you can rent equipment in the form of buoys and other equipment available.

2. Boat

Arriving at the location, you have to go along a fairly long river to finally reach the waterfall. But don’t worry, you can enjoy the boat facilities provided to take the visitors to the waterfall.

Access to Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : permanarpp_rafli
Access to Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : @permanarpp_rafli

3. Cafeteria

Typically, the location of these attractions is crowded with vendors selling food and snacks that can be enjoyed while traveling either from outside or from traders who occupy places selling. Not only food, there are also sellers of entertainment equipment and souvenirs.

4. Bathroom

There are a lot of bathroom facilities that can be used without additional fees. This place are natural environment, so the visitors can enjoy clean and natural water.

5. Large Parking Area

The parking area at the Sri Gethuk waterfall location is very adequate for transportation of tour groups such as tour buses. Especially if it’s just a private car or a tourist car. So that visitors do not need to worry about parking areas.

Price of admission

To enjoy the sensation of Sri Gethuk waterfall you only need to pay 13,000 IDR. As for transportation, you only need to pay 2,000 IDR to 5,000 IDR according to the type of vehicle you are using.


To relax for a moment, return to beautiful nature, Sri Gethuk Yogyakarta tourism object is very suitable. While inviting the family to supervise children playing waterfalls. In addition, the availability of water play equipment and boats makes it easier for visitors to enjoy tours here.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : bang.udin90
Sri Gethuk Waterfall, source : @bang.udin90

Other activities that can be enjoyed, of course, take a photo. For a great view of the waterfall, visit in addition to summer or dry. Even so, the dry season does not really affect the cool atmosphere of the waterfall and its beautiful environment.

For those who like trekking, there are trekking paths that are on the side of the river to the waterfall. The path is comfortably built and not so challenging. Even so it can still provide a different experience. But enjoying the boat also gives a different sensation.