Malioboro Street is an icon for Yogyakarta city. There is a quote that says, “you haven’t been in Jogja, before you have visited Malioboro”. So the street is a representation of Jogja because everything that is related to Jogja will be found in the street. The culture, the art, the tradition and everything about Jogja is in Malioboro.

If you want to go everywhere around Yogyakarta City, the street is the best spot to begin with. This is the center for any destination, especially tourist places in the province. So, if you want to go to Yogyakarta, you have to place Malioboro on the first list of your itinerary. Now, what can we find on the street? Any interesting stories about it? Let’s check this little description of the legendary street below.

The History

When you arrived in Yogyakarta, what place did you want to start visiting first? If you have no idea, let it be Malioboro Street. Instead of the beach, the hills, the village which is located far away from the city, it would be good if you visit the street which is near the center of Yogyakarta City. But, without any historical background story, you will find the street just like any place in the city.

Building in Malioboro Street, source : @aa_angga_
Building in Malioboro Street, source : @aa_angga_

Let’s begin with the name. It has a similar sound to “Marlboro”, which is the name of a cigarette product. In the past, there was an advertisement board, which advertised Marlboro cigarettes. This advertisement has been placed for a long time, long enough for people to call the street as Malioboro, a pun of Marlboro.

But there is another version of the history of the street. The street is clearly an important place for the local and the center of the province. As the original culture of the local is hinduism, the name is based one sanskrit which is translated as a bouquet or flowers. In the past, the monarchy would hold a big event which is full of flowers.

The central of the city

No matter which version, the street is historical. As the center of tourist district, surrounded by hotels, shops and restaurants, the place used to be a large market street with Dutch Prime Minister complex in the middle and fortress and palace on the south edge of the street in the past. Now, the Prime Minister Complex has become the Governor Office Complex, the fortress is transformed into a museum and the Yogyakarta Palace still stands as it is.

Major shopping street

One of the reasons the streets are being favorite by tourists is the shopping center, the sidewalk shops and the traditional market. You can find food, clothes and everything, but the most favourite is the traditional handicraft. The vendor on the sidewalk shop would sell you almost everything that is typical javanese, especially Yogyakarta culture at an affordable price.

The only traditional market, called Beringharjo, has been open since early morning. The shopping center will be open at the middle of the day until the early night. Then the street sidewalk will transform into many street food stalls from early night until early morning. You can find any traditional food of java especially Yogyakarta.

Tourist attraction

The street is one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. The sidewalk, the shop, the ornament is typical with the art and cultural touch of Yogyakarta. There is an annual festival along Jalan Malioboro. Live music, featured music concert, traditional art show, Jembe Percussion, Kumlaka Ethnic, fashion shows and other activities are arranged for annual Malioboro Night Festival.

The street is the best for sightseeing. Street musicians, painters, and other artists exhibit their creations on this road. There are street music shows in the evening, art statues, monuments and other artistic creations along the road. Best way to enjoy the street is by walking along from north to south end. Another option is hiring pedicab or traditional horse carriage which will take you along the city, not just the Malioboro Street.

Get There

Malioboro is within walking distance from the main railway station of Yogyakarta or Tugu Station. You can just walk across the rail to the south, then you will be on the street directly. If you are from the airport, you can take any public transportation. Transjogja, which is one of the public transportation will get you to the street directly from the airport. So, the destination is easy to get by any transportation.

If You want to stay around the street, there are so many hotels, motels and other types of places to stay. Just for the information, staying in the city hotel might be high on the price as it is a strategic place or central place. We suggest that you stay in any hotel in another place and do not have to worry about getting to Malioboro Street as there are many options of transportation available.

Hope this information can be your little references and enjoy your trip in Yogyakarta.