Yogyakarta which also known as Jogja has many beaches to visit. Indrayanti beach Jogja is one of the best beaches among the beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul. Besides being famous, this place is also often recommended among many other beaches. It is interesting to explore further various information related to Indrayanti Beach.

The area of Yogyakarta is in the south of the island of Java, which borders directly with the Indian Ocean. So there are lots of Jogja Beach tourism objects that can be visited. At least there are more than 40 beaches that are frequented. Not counting various unopened beaches.

Each beach in Gunung Kidul usually has its own characteristics and uniqueness. What are the special characteristics and uniqueness found in Indrayanti Beach? Here are some information that was successfully summarized by the Yogyakarta Tours editorial team.

Indrayanti Beach Jogja
beautiful indrayanti beach. Source Pinterest.co.uk

The History of Indrayanti Beach Jogja

This beach can be said to be unique from its name. Because usually the beaches in Jogja have names that are based on place names or based on Javanese language taken from events that occurred in the past where the beach is located. But Indrayanti actually looks like someone’s name.

Indrayanti is the name of a restaurant located on the beach. Officially the local government inaugurated the name of this beach is Pulang Sawal or Pulang Syawal. But it turns out the community and tourists know this beach more as Indrayanti.

Indra and Yanti are Indrayanti restaurant owners who are often the destination of tourists visiting the beach. In addition, the restaurant’s signboard is clearly visible as if it was a beach sign. Here are some possibilities because this beach is rarely known as Pulang Sawal.

Related to this difference in names could cause polemic. Because Yogyakarta is indeed a cultural tourism area which tends to have characteristics in naming that is based on Javanese tradition. But this polemic did not continue and the beach could still be visited.

The existence of managers from the private sector provides its own added value. This beach is maintained in terms of location and cleanliness. There are even rules that have consequences for tourists if they break them. For example, negligence of littering. As a consequence, the perpetrators will be fined Rp. 10,000.

Enchantment of Beach Beauty

In general, this beach is beautiful like other Gunung Kidul beaches. Because both have a distinctive view of the Indian Ocean which has large waves and covered in blue sky. On its sides there are cliffs and white sand.

The tourists have their own assessment of the attractions on this one. Some tourists consider this attraction to be Kuta Beach in Jogja. Kuta Beach is actually one of the most popular beaches in Bali.

If lucky, when playing water on the beach, visitors will find jellyfish. Of course it needs to be vigilant and advised not to touch it. But this can be a scene in itself because it is rarely found on other beaches in Yogyakarta.

If you want to spend all day, the sunset view in the afternoon that is contained in this tourist attraction is also so enchanting. If you spend time into the night, tourists can stay at various lodgings in the location and in the morning can watch the sunrise at once.

There are also quite fertile cliffs on the beach side, because there are trees on it. From this cliff tourists usually take portraits of the beach and take pictures with the beach landscape background. So, this beach is also suitable to be an instagenic photo spot.

Tourists can also do various activities here. Play water, relax under an umbrella and gather with family or colleagues in the gazebo available. If you want a challenging activity, tourists can also rent a jetski. All activities that use on-site facilities can be done at a relatively affordable facility rental fee.

Tourist Attraction Location

This tourism object can be entered through one entrance that connects to other adjacent beaches namely Pok Tunggal Beach, Krakal Beach and Sundak Beach. Through this entrance fee will be levied, but can at the same time to visit the various beaches in the vicinity. This location is far from Parangtritis Beach because it is located in a different Regency.

Indrayanti Beach is precisely located in the village area of Tepus, Tepus sub-district, Gunung Kidul district. The condition of the route to get to the tourist sites of Yogyakarta is relatively comfortable with a slight ups and downs. So it is recommended, when departing from the city of Yogyakarta, use four-wheeled vehicles.

If you use a four-wheeled vehicle, you will be more comfortable and can save energy before enjoying the beach or after returning from the beach. Because the distance is about 66 km or about 2 hours drive. Imagine if you use a 2-wheeled vehicle, the trip can be longer.

If you don’t have a four-wheeled vehicle, you don’t need to worry. Especially for tourists who visit from outside the area. There are Jogja car rental facilities that can be your travel companion to visit various tourist locations in Yogyakarta.

Indrayanti Beach Jogja

Daytime activities at Indrayanti beach. Source YouTube

Additional information

Entrance fee or levy when passing the entrance to several beaches on location is Rp. 10,000 When after passing the retribution counter, the vehicle parking fee is Rp. 4,000 to Rp. 15,000 depending on the type of vehicle. Besides that, there are fees for using beach facilities ranging from umbrellas, gazebos to jetski which range from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 30,000 and Rp. 250,000 for jetski.

That’s the information about Pulang Syawal Beach, known as Indrayanti. Hopefully it can be a reference for your travel information. So that your trip is comfortable during your vacation to Indrayanti beach in Jogja, you can entrust your tour to Yogyakarta Tours, which is experienced in serving the tours of foreign tourists.